Brand New Films


John is desperate for money to feed his heroin habit. Finding a lost mobile phone could be just what he needs… Warning: Contains adult langauge and themes


Easterhouse’s own answer to David Blane puts the cards on pretty much everything but the table. Paul is magic!

The MacTrapps

A fun insight into the lives of the three Logan sisters – and their three other sisters and three brothers.

School Daze

Dr Who – we presume – enters Glasgow to fight some kind of monster…

The Young Dream Team

Some people call us the young team, when all we really are is a young football dream team. Welcome to Easterhouse Boys Club.

Jim’s Dookit

Jim and Jim tell Omar about their passion for fleeing the doos from their dookit hut in Govanhill.

On The Move

Words don’t always come easy, so sometimes you simply just have to take to dance to express yourself.

Making Waves

Nathan and Michael give us the tour, and talks us through the history, present and future of the Govanhill Baths.


Fataki tells us why he wants to work and belong to Glasgow.

Food For Thought

Noreen takes the high road and is treated to an overload of world cuisine from some of her new neighbours on them bonnie bonnie banks.

Get Real!

The Get Real! community TV series, hosted by Noreen Real, was also produced as part of brand new, following the pilot episode which was produced through Community Filmmakers Project.
Head over here to watch all of the Get Real! episodes